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Meet the team

We’re dedicated to building a diverse team — in all senses of the word. And in the spirit of our behavior of radical candor: we’re not there yet. But here’s how we’re doing so far.

Anne Hyldal Nielsen

People & Culture Specialist

Anne is responsible for our recruitment process, culture development and many other things within HR 😻 She has many talents and are at the moment renovating an old town house in Copenhagen 👷‍♀️

Daniel Birkholm

CEO & Co-founder

Daniel is one of the brains behind Talenthub.io and is now our pioneering front runner 🏃‍♂️💨 Outside work, Daniel loves to run around the beautiful streets of Copenhagen.

Fredrik Berggreen-Lagem

Head of Sales

Fredrik is our outgoing sales man 📞 And then he jumps into the sea all year round 🥶

Jacob Schioldan

Head of Customer Success & Partnerships

Jacob is securing every single customer on our platform is having the success they deserve 🌟

Jeppe August Sørensen

Account Executive

Jeppe is helping new customers get the most out of our platform. When he is not working, you'll probably find him in his local CrossFit box 🏋️



Justas is developing our platform. Even though we would love to show him and link to his LinkedIn profile, we can't - Justas doesn't do photoshoots or LinkedIn 😎

Kasper Valentin Møller

International Account Executive

Kasper is helping international clients get success on our platform. Once upon a time, Kasper came to our Christmas party on his bike - he is still trying to find it 🚴

Kevin Rebsdorf

Co-founder & Board Member

Kevin is one of the brains behind Talenthub.io 🧠 Besides Talenthub, he is also founder and CEO of CompanYoung.

Line Lindholm

Associate Product Manager & CX Specialist

Line is giving our product a magic touch 🪄

Mads Rebsdorf

Chairman of the Board

Mads is the Chairman of our Board, bringing a lot of new perspectives into the company. Besides Talenthub, he is also Chief Revenue Officer at Kahoot! 📱

Marta Karolina Grzegowska

Product Designer

Marta is designing our product 👩‍🎨 She is originally from Poland 🇵🇱 but moved to Copenhagen several years ago.

Naomi Gabor

International Account Executive

Naomi is helping our international customers getting the success they deserve on our platform. She is originally from the Faroe Islands 🇫🇴 but moved to Denmark several years ago.

Oliver Gudmandsen

Account Executive

Oliver is helping our customers getting success on our platform. In 2009 he was the best rated Priest in Europe in World of Warcraft 🧙‍♂️

Philip Leung

Lead Developer

Philip is leading all our development 🧑‍💻 He is half 🇨🇳 Chinese and half Swedish 🇸🇪 but moved to Denmark several years ago to get Talenthub.io off the ground 🚀

Sebastian Christensen

International Account Executive

Sebastian is making sure our international customers are getting success on the platform. If you want to know anything about cars 🚗 or angling 🎣, Sebastian is your guy.

Thomas B. Kjølhede

Head of Growth & Marketing

Thomas is leading our growth and marketing efforts 🚀 Even though he has been in the startup eco-system for many years now, he is still wearing a white shirt every day 👔

Thomas Swan Bittencourt

Candidate Experience Consultant & Business Development Manager

Thomas is from Brazil 🇧🇷 but moved to Denmark several years ago and is now responsible for our partnerships. Outside work, you'll probably find him kick some ass in his local taekwondo club 🥋

We are passionate about candidate experience. In fact, we are building a company on it..

At Talenthub.io, we want to make recruitment a better experience for all applicants. We strive for turning all applicants into ambassadors - also after the rejection.

In order to do so, we believe it’s crucial to provide companies with the right feedback and insights throughout the entire process, so they can build exceptional candidate experiences.

We believe in a more valuable, less invasive experience where candidates are earned rather than taken for given. We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it.

From our point of view, candidate experience is one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of great HR, and we see it as our opportunity!

We're excited to simplify candidate experience for everyone throughout our software, education, and community.

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