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How to get your workplace culture rocking!

Workplace culture is the foundation of every business. It helps create the environment in which we work. And guides employees on the way to behave, work and interact with those around them positively. All in the name of representing the company best. 🧱

The right workplace culture can make an organization soar. In addition, 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is vital for business success. So, because of its importance, it is crucial businesses get it right. But, how can you make the creation of a strong workplace culture a priority for your business?

There is no singular way to magic a world-beating business culture, but you can take some practical steps. 🧙‍♂️

We will explore how to create a thriving corporate culture to bring the best out of your employees. In the article, we will discuss: 

  • The importance of workplace culture and what benefits it can bring
  • What steps you could look to implement to create an organic workplace culture
  • Building a solid foundation from which your business can grow from
  • The establishment of clear goals and the readiness to appreciate and reward outstanding work
  • The importance of hiring and retaining excellent employees
  • The importance of a socializing workforce
  • And the importance of strong leadership

Why is a great workplace culture so integral to company success?

By getting the culture right, you are helping to foster an environment where employees are happy to come to work. 🤗

As a result, they work with a smile, give more of themselves, and contribute higher performance. This level of employee happiness can have many benefits, including: 

Improve performance and productivity

Employees who feel more connected to a company and aligned with its vision will feel more involved in its success and wish to work harder. In addition, 92% of leaders believe workplace culture and financial performance are interrelated. The sense of being a valued component, driven by a stronger sense of purpose, all working towards shared goals can impact financial performance and increase success. 📈

A sense of ownership, not just working to fulfil a need but contributing to the betterment of an organization that you feel attached to, can significantly impact an employee's motivation and delivery of excellent performances. 

Improve communication between employees

A great workplace culture helps to build trust among employees. It can improve relationships and create an environment where you are more willing to connect, comfortable speaking their minds, and expressing opinions and new ideas that may have previously gone unsaid. 

Open workplace culture can help your teams get the best out of another. It helps your workers to feel safe and empowers them to communicate effectively and be more creative. With increased trust among your employees, ultimately, it will be great for your business. ✨

Decrease turnover, attract the right talent 

Firstly, why would anyone wish to leave such a great environment? 

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Furthermore, a great workplace culture can help your brand identity and recognition. Great talent will see and hear of your workplace and how happy your teams are. A third of candidates would pass on a perfect job if the culture weren't good enough. A great culture can be a vital tool to attract your next business leaders and creatives. 👩‍💼

What you can do to create a strong workplace culture

The right foundation can help the tree to grow tall 🌳

When learning more about the type of organizational culture you have or wish to create, make sure your staff has a chance to voice their opinion. Both leadership and employees' thoughts regarding what they like or dislike about their current culture or workplace environment, from the layout of the office or the frequency of social interactions, could help you find internal and straightforward improvements.

By discussing with those around you, you can establish what they value and think would improve the workplace culture. Discussing what could be done to bring your employees together more frequently could help strengthen the bonds of your workplace culture.

It is not a sign to throw everything out or start anew with the office environment, but merely to find the elements that work best and implement novel ideas to improve the overall picture of the company culture. 🔄

The creation of a company charter 📄

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Alongside physical alterations you can make to your office environment, a great workplace culture grows from solid principles and the knowledge or awareness of what sets you apart from your peers. Therefore, you should establish a company charter, something that all employees sign up for upon joining. 

A charter shows employees what it means to work at your company and guide their behaviour and actions. It can include:

  • Your mission. What do you set out to achieve, help motivate your employees to accomplish great work ✔️
  • Your vision. Help your employees to understand the pivotal role they can play in the company's future ✔️
  • Your values. What helps to unite your organization. The values on which the culture bases itself ✔️

By creating a charter, you can establish your company's goals and help to shape the behaviour and actions of current and future employees. Thus, offering them guidance on how to work, interact with one another and the customers. With everyone aware of expectations and what it means to be part of your culture and organization. 

The establishment of clear goals and targets 🎯

What am I doing, and why?

Clear goals and targets are central to organizational success. People know what they have to do and their significance in the overall running of an organization. And when your employees understand their goals, it helps to cultivate a professional purpose. In addition, goals increase motivation, inspire work performance, and highlight the value of your employees contribution. 😺

Employees who know their work has meaning will feel happy about their situation. Happy workers are 13% more productive than unhappy ones and feel encouraged by their integral role in success. It also helps to support the relationships on which a great workplace culture relies upon. Employees united in their targets feel increased loyalty and ties with one another, helping to cement the foundations of your culture. 

With increased ownership and connection to their jobs and company, your culture is enriched by an invested and committed workforce. United in goals and united when they are achieved, teams can celebrate outstanding work accomplished. 🙌

The importance of people in a workplace culture

Hire the right fits

Excellent workplace culture is reliant on the people that make it up. Therefore, hiring is as much a pursuit for those with the right professional skills as it is searching for the right personality to improve your culture.

You seek individuals who buy into what you are trying to achieve. Identify the traits and principles you have worked to establish and share your vision of what a modern business should resemble.

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By bringing together a workforce from diverse backgrounds and with the shared qualities you desire, you can help your employees build upon the excellent work culture you have created. And just as the right new hire can be instrumental, the wrong type of personality can detract and affect your organization's balance, so it is crucial to think about the kind of person you need. 🤔

Retain the best people

In addition, as vital as hiring the best fits for your organizational culture, you should also try and ensure a consistent workforce. An environment with minimal turnover helps reinforce the ideals and values that are the foundations of your workplace culture.

Years spent working at a company builds up an impressive wealth of knowledge. The average length that workers have been with their current employers is 4.1 years. In this time, an employee will know what it means to work at a company and what it requires.

Almost like an archetypal police film, the old-school detective takes a recruit under their wing to help integrate. 🕵️‍♂️

They understand its nature, processes and help set the standard for recruits. Your great employees can guide behaviour and show them how the company works. This informal education is vital to get recruits up to speed on the company's culture and ensure continual success. So, strive to make your employees feel valued so that they want to stick around! 🤗

The benefits of socializing employees

Sometimes, you need more than work to unite a team, and an emphasis on building social connections among your employees can also benefit.

Celebrating events, birthdays, surprises and the regular occurrence of team meals, after-work drinks or exercise and sports clubs can strengthen workplace culture and add a much-needed splash of fun and humour. The bonds that can unite us are built upon happy, shared memories. 🍻

As you spend most of your week together, employees must get to know one another and their lives beyond work. If there is no impetus to interact or your employees barely know each other, it can be hard to forge the connections that encourage a positive company culture. And the effort spent getting acquainted and building stronger relationships will only benefit performance and improve the workplace culture. 😊

You set the example for your employees to follow

A considerable part of a thriving workplace culture comes down to you. Your employees look for your direction to set the workplace's tone, maintain standards, and be a positive force of life there. You need a motivated and happy workforce, so the example you set, commitment, and passion for the company can help guide your employees' expectations. 🛣️

It is up to you to uphold and embody the values you wish your workers to show, whether authenticity, kindness, support, or warmth. If the boss can make time for everyone with a smile on their face, what is stopping your employees? Your workforce will understand what it means to work for the organization and the essential qualities, helping buy-in to the culture.🔥

What can leadership do to enhance the workplace culture?

Be better at engaging and talking with your employees. For example, by taking regular check-ins, stopping by a department or team, or if your company has moved towards a more remote style of working, drop your employees a message. Take your employee's temperature, how are they feeling, what is working well for them and what could be improved. 👂

The feedback acquired is an effective tool in analyzing and improving your company's culture and employee satisfaction. For example, 86% of employees who work for companies with strong cultures feel that their senior leadership listens to employees. Therefore, your workforce feels heard and valued and that their opinion means something. You can then take their suggestions to implement ways to improve your company culture.

It is vital to show that your employees are appreciated and that their input matters so they feel secure approaching their managers with any concerns. Close collaboration and open communication are crucial to building a positive workplace culture. 🎆

Moreover, remembering that it is also the little things that can contribute to a thriving culture. These include:

  • Ensuring your employees feel supported
  • Praise during meetings
  • Offering good feedback
  • Polite interactions
  • Common decency, saying thank you, good morning, how are you?

These may look like minor details, but they go a long way in laying the groundwork for positive workplace culture.

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And the benefits…

69% of the UK public believe the favourable treatment of staff is the most effective way of improving a businesses reputation. So your emphasis on staff wellbeing and excellent workplace culture can help draw more positive interest. When word spreads about incredible workplace culture and how you look after your staff, it can attract new business and the talent to take you to the top!

Why strong workplace culture is so integral to a company's success

For a business to achieve its goals, its people must be all rowing in the same direction. With everyone on side, united by common goals and a desire to contribute and grow their organization, nothing can get in its way. 🚣

So, for this reason, the establishment and constant enhancement of positive workplace culture are integral. It can help create an identity within your company, one where the workforce feels a part of, treasured, their contributions valued and celebrated. And ultimately, unite your organization with a common purpose that can support your future success. 👪

So, to help your workplace culture grow from strength to strength, you should consider:

  • Talk to your employees about what they'd wish to improve.
  • Establish a company charter on the values that are integral to your organization
  • Offer clear goals and targets to unite the workforce behind.
  • Hire the right fits and retain the best people who can contribute to the culture and set the standards for those that follow
  • The benefits of socializing employees
  • How your organization's leadership can set the tone for your employees to follow
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