The Five Ways to Improve Your Time To Hire score

Everyone involved in recruitment desires a speedy process. Candidates wish to know if they've been successful. Whereas, for employers, vacant roles cost money and affect productivity and employee morale. 

However, a swift resolution is not often possible, and delays in the recruitment process can be detrimental to businesses. Long communication gaps or a drawn out recruitment process may result in applicants looking elsewhere for opportunities, and companies lose out on outstanding talent. A high time to hire score can be costly and negatively affect a business's reputation and growth.

Therefore, the need to improve the speed of the recruitment process without sacrificing the quality of candidate experience is pressing for businesses. This article covers tips to enhance the efficiency of the recruitment process. We explore how you can do this by:

  • Bringing clarity to your job advertisements.
  • Choosing the right approach to advertise your roles.
  • The use of referrals to identify top talent.
  • The automation of recruitment tasks.
  • Be flexible in your approach to finding the right candidate.

How to improve the speed of your recruitment process

A clear job advertisement

An excellent job advertisement attracts the best candidates. It should appeal to the individual, compel them to apply and increase curiosity about the prospect of working at your organization.You must design your job advert, how you would create buyer personas for your products. You must consider the kind of person you want to hire and define their candidate profile. 

Understanding the type of candidate you wish to hire allows you to be specific when writing your job post. In addition, the job post must also include:

  • The requirements or skills necessary for the role.
  • Specific job-related information, such as whether it is remote or office-based.
  • An overview of the type of company you are. Its values, culture and history give potential candidates an idea of the organization and why it would be a good opportunity.

In doing so, you provide candidates with absolute clarity.

In addition, the way you format your roles are also crucial. The design of your advertisement must be easy to navigate, with bullet points and lists making information easily digestible. Indeed has found that mobile browsing accounts for over 50% of their traffic; therefore, making it easily readable ensures candidates have everything they need to apply.

When you advertise your roles smartly, you can stop wasting time with unsuitable candidates. Clarity helps possible candidates decide whether they should apply. Effective and speedy hiring starts when you know who you are looking for and communicate your desire succinctly.

The right approach to advertise your roles

For a business seeking to quicken its time to hire score, identifying the most effective sourcing channel may improve the speed of the recruitment process.Today, social media is a fantastic way of attracting passive interest. Potential candidates have an insight into your company, and via posts, you can promote your values and the opportunities available. The more exposure, the higher the possibility that the right candidate will see and apply. The more you share, the less you'll have to do to attract people to job postings when they are up. The blanket approach may help quicken your recruitment process, but is it the only viable solution? By reviewing previous recruitment processes, you may see patterns of where you sourced previously successful candidates and the job sites or referral programs that worked best. By comparing the number of high-quality candidates from these different sources, your recruitment process can become more surgical in its approach. In addition, you know the most effective sourcing channel from past yields, so focusing your attention may deliver faster recruitment processes and reduce cost per hire.

Implementing a referral scheme within recruitment

Employees hired via referrals come in 55% faster than those sourced through career sites. In addition, by utilizing an internal referral network, it is possible employees are aware of someone seeking to explore new opportunities. When you encourage colleagues to identify new hires or explore their networks for great candidates, it can increase buy-in among your staff who see their importance as decision makers in the company and reduce the time to hire.Nobody will recommend someone they don't believe can do a great job, as it will reflect on them poorly. Therefore, referrals are a fantastic way of finding outstanding talent swiftly.

Improving efficiency with automation

Often recruiters and HR teams are stretched, sometimes having to fill hundreds of positions simultaneously. For example, a 2014 report by the University of Chicago found that companies with 5,000 or more employees took 58 days to hire, compared with a national average of 25 days. CV screening, skills assessments, interviews, and meetings to discuss candidates. These are some of the time-consuming activities involved in recruiting. However, by identifying the stages that create delay, modern technologies offer the chance to improve processes and increase recruitment efficiency.

AI-powered software and tools can help your recruitment teams complete recruiting tasks that would take an individual far longer to do. Automation allows hiring teams to focus on the personal aspect of recruitment by:

  • Screening candidates.
  •  Sending emails. 
  • Checking in with candidates at various touchpoints. 

AI-powered software and tools can help your recruitment teams complete recruiting tasks that would take an individual far longer to do. So, recruitment teams can use the information they receive to schedule interviews as soon as an exciting application arises. A drawn-out recruitment process may result in applicants losing patience and withdrawing their application, and poor communication can impact their candidate experience. Therefore, a high time to hire score can be costly for businesses. However, you can speed up the recruitment process with automated tools and ensure effective collaboration between your hiring teams.

The long delay for the perfect candidate

According to the CIPD, the cost of filling a vacancy is £4,000. But in pursuing the perfect candidate, the price and length of your recruitment process can skyrocket. Unfortunately, the candidate who ticks all your criteria may not be out there or searching for a new job. Instead of hoping that a suitable CV comes across your desk, it is important to temper expectations.You can always train employees in the skills necessary for the role. Technology is constantly evolving, and so are business needs. However, it is hard to teach someone to have the right attitude or a personality that fits the company culture. None of us is the finished article; there is always room to improve. But, identifying candidates with a good foundation gives you something to work with, and instead of waiting in the hope of finding the perfect candidate, the right person may be in front of you. Thus, helping you to reduce your time to hire score.

Why improving time to hire is so vital to businesses

To land the best talent today, speed is of the essence. However, a drawn-out recruitment process may encourage applicants to decide their future lies elsewhere or to feel disrespected by an organization. Both of these can result in companies losing out on fantastic talent or affect a company's reputation on which its growth and revenue depend. 

Therefore, cutting inefficiencies and improving aspects of your recruitment process can help to improve your time to hire score and ensure you net the talent your company needs. So, to improve the speed of your recruitment process, you should:

  • Create a concise job advertisement that explains the role and the skills necessary for potential candidates.
  • Decide upon a recruitment marketing strategy that brings the right candidates to your door.
  • Utilize a referral scheme to find outstanding talent.
  • Introduce AI-powered software and tools to support your recruitment teams to work more efficiently.
  • Be flexible in your search for the right candidate.

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