The case

Measuring candidate experience is essential to develop a successful recruitment process. It all starts with getting feedback from candidates. That can be challenging, but knowing what to do with all that data can become a real puzzle. Let’s focus on one company, Jysk, and see why they started working with Talenthub.

The company

Jysk is a well-established leader in furniture and household items retail. It has a rich history that goes back over 40 years and has managed to expand to over 50 countries during that time. Jysk wants to continue to grow its reputation of offering quality and affordable furniture.

  • Founded: 1979
  • Headquarters: Aarhus, Denmark
  • Employees: 22,000 +
  • Active: in 50+ countries
  • Stores: 2,800 +
  • Turnover: over 4 billion euros

Jysk partnered with Talenthub to gain new insights into their recruitment process

To Jysk, providing a great candidate experience is essential. They were collecting feedback about their own recruitment site and acting on it. The only problem was that they were not equipped to gather and analyse their candidates’ feedback about their recruitment process.

Talenthub’s simple and scalable platform proved perfect to help Jysk get the feedback they wanted from their candidates. In an increasingly competitive landscape, having an edge is always helpful, especially when it comes to attracting top talent.

We caught up with Karolina Kroužková, HR Digital Manager at Jysk, to discuss how the partnership with Talenthub came to be.

Recognising our shortcomings is the first step to fixing them

In order to thrive, every great company must be able to recognise its flaws or shortcomings and be willing to work on them. Karolina knew exactly what Jysk was lacking. “We were aware we needed to be better at gathering feedback from our candidates. We could get feedback on our own system but not on our overall recruitment process.”

“We partnered with Talenthub precisely to address that gap. Now, not only do we get feedback on our recruitment process, but we also have access to their tools and their insights. It helps us offer a better experience to our many applicants.”

Attracting candidates...and customers

The recruitment process can go beyond selecting an employee for a position. Jysk views candidates as potential employees but also as potential customers. They want to make sure they offer the best experience to make candidates – successful or not – feel like going to their stores to purchase their furniture and household items.

And in some markets, the situation can be inverted. There can be a shortage of employees for the number of positions available. In these situations, it’s up to the companies to attract candidates and convince them that they are their best employment option.

Adapting to the new expectations of candidates

“I think candidate experience is moving to a more tailored or personal approach,” Karolina says. “Candidates want to feel like they are treated as an individual, not a number in a pile of CVs.”

The days when candidates would send a CV, never get a confirmation, and patiently wait for an answer are over. Now, many candidates associate the recruitment experience with how a company treats employees. They want a simple, seamless, and modern process. They also like a personalised experience, which can be daunting when there are 500 applicants for one position.

Navigating in that environment is challenging as without the proper tools, it’s difficult for companies to know what candidates want and what competitors are offering. That’s why partnering with experts like Talenthub is critical.

Among Talenthub’s most useful features, according to Karolina, is its strong benchmarking capability. “There’s something to learn from other companies, but you can only learn if you have access to their performance and can leverage input from their candidates.”

We get data that speaks for itself

We use quarterly statistics because we feel they cover a long enough period to provide a good sample. We review the feedback and numbers with the recruitment team in each country and make decisions that improve our process. Talenthub makes it easy to assess, filter, and dive deeper into our performance.

With our strong capabilities to measure candidate feedback, we have made candidate experience and candidate promoter score essential elements of our monthly management reporting. Senior management and management in every country use those numbers. That shows the commitment Jysk has made to improving candidate experience.

What do you like the most about Talenthub?

The answer to this question is easy for Karolina. “What I like the most is how easy it is to set up the tool. There’s no need for an IT team or a long implementation. I did it all myself in minutes without any help and was even able to set a profile for the countries in which we operate.”

“And Talenthub always comes up with new ideas and capabilities to enhance their platform. The service they offer is much like candidate experience. Talenthub is constantly evolving, listening to its clients by seeking their opinion, and catering to the experience their clients are looking for.”