Greenhouse Recruiting’s integration with allows you to automatically gather data from your candidates as they proceed through your recruitment process, and help you extract insights with which to build exceptional candidate experiences.

The API Integration is a connection between Greenhouse and talenthub. The API allow us to exchange data between Greenhouse and talenthub automatically.

We also support the use of custom variables to help enrich your survey responses with data from your Greenhouse Harvest API. This allows you to make use of Greenhouse data to filter, group and segment data within the analytics platform.

Please speak to your Customer Success Representative to have them help work out the right setup for you!

Creating your Greenhouse API key


Go to Settings


Go to Dev Center


Go to API Credential Management


Click Create New API Key


Create new credential

When a modal titled Create new credential shows up, input the following description and type before clicking Create:
Description: Talenthub
Type: Harvest

Manage API Key Permissions

In this view you will see a series of permissions you can toggle on and off. Check off the following:
GET: Retrieve Application
GET: Retrieve Candidate
GET: Get custom fields
GET: List Job Posts
GET: Job Stages ALL checked
GET: Retrieve Job
GET: Get hiring team
GET: List Interviews for Application
GET: List Scorecards for Application
GET: List tags applied to candidate
GET: Retrieve User
GET: List Sources

Now just click Update

Good job!

Creating a webhook


Go to Settings


Go to Dev Center


Go to Web Hooks


Select Web hooks on top of the list


Create A New Web Hook

You should now be on a page titled Create A New Web Hook. This web hook is the event that will import a candidate into Talenthub and add them to the platform. Fill out the following details before clicking Create Web hook.
Name: Talenthub rejected (example)
When: Candidate has been rejected
End point URL: You will need to get this from Talenthub.
Secret key: You will need to get this from Talenthub.
Disabled?: No.


Save your settings

Now save your settings in both Greenhouse and Talenthub and you’re good to go.

Take charge of your data

All the Insights, Metrics & Answers in one Dashboard.

Our dashboard will be your favorite recruitment cockpit. Here you and your team can easily get an overview of your current status and deep dive into specific areas and segments.

Collect feedback from
all relevant stakeholders

Careerpage widget

By adding our widget to your career site, you will be able to collect feedback from potential candidates, before they even apply for a position.

Job posts

We collect data through our widget on the individual job posts, in order to obtain even more segmented data, hence better insights into your various positions, their attractiveness, quality and other custom variables.

Thank you,
Receipt mail

After applying the candidate will automatically receive an email, with feedback questions.

Customize your own surveys, and start to measure key performance metrics, diversity scores, brand perception and much more.

After every interview

Interviewing people is an art form, and requires training and ongoing development.

After every single interview, we collect feedback, in order to identity potential pains, enabling you and your to team, to improve based on data.

We're sorry
Rejection mail

Recruitment is not hiring, it's rejecting. A good rejection can lead to ambassadors for your organization, and ensure higher level of workplace attractiveness, hence more talent.

Are you good enough at this? Let us show you the data.

You're Hired!
Now what..

Onboarding is a pivotal moment for making employees feel included from day one. This is why building an inclusive onboarding experience is so important to creating an inclusive company culture.

We will help you collect the neccessary insights.

Benchmark your scores in Industry and globally

Our verified questions are used of companies all over the world to measure recruitment experience. We help you collect feedback in a best in class framework and identify areas to focus on. The Greenhouse integration allows you to segment the data in multiple ways (ex. departments, hiring managers, recruiters, countries etc.). You can choose benchmarks these data within Industry or globally.

Drag, drop, improve

Best in class survey builder, with pre-built questions based upon best practice.

Our dashboard will be your favorite recruitment cockpit. Here you and your team can easily get an overview of your current status and deep dive into specific areas and segments.

Customized for your needs

Don’t like sharing the spotlight? The Greenhouse integration allows you to customize mails and surveys sent to the candidates. Make sure that your communication, to your candidates, is like any other brand touchpoint.

Frequently asked questions


How do you handle GDPR?

We only collect anonymous data from candidates, and we don’t store any personal data from candidates beyond what is needed in a very limited period of time, to process and send out survey- emails. As a part of the collaboration we are entering a DPA following the guidelines of General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. To read more about our security measures and policies please go to

Who are the main stakeholders

Normally our main contact person is Head of Talent Acquisition / Recruitment or a dedicated Project Lead focusing on candidate experience. To get the right data driven culture, we recommend the entire TA team have access to the insights. Hiring Managers can be involved without access to the platform through automated mail reports monthly or quarterly.

What do you need from me?

To set up the integration, we would need a list of events and conditions that should activate surveys being sent to your candidates. If you are not sure which conditions that should trigger surveys, we are happy to guide you. When we have the conditions in place, we will be ready to set up web-hooks and create an API Key, which would be the last thing, we need from you.

What is the level of support I get?

More than you can imagine. One of our Candidate Experience Specialists will be with you all the way from connecting Talenthub to Greenhouse, to selecting the right stages to survey and which questions to use when.

What about maintenance?

Maintenance of the API integration is on us. We will make sure that everything is updated and working as it should. If you want to adjust any conditions, surveys, texts etc., we are always happy to provide help and support.

See the Candidate Experience platform in action

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