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We empower you with data throughout your candidate journey.

You don't need a development team to start collecting data and feedback from your candidates. In just a few clicks, you're ready to be empowered by our fully automated platform.

We help transforming candidates into ambassadors all around the world 🌎

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Be data-driven across your entire candidate journey

Start using data & feedback from your candidates to supercharge your candidate experience!

Get more qualified applicants.

95% of candidates with a positive recruitment experience will more likely apply again or refer others to apply. Get real-time data and feedback from your candidates on your employer brand perception and attraction channels. Also benchmark your attraction performance internally, in your industry and across the world.

Protect your employer brand.

Avoid detractors and negative public ratings: 72% of all candidates share the experience with people in their network. Get real-time data and feedback from your candidates throughout your recruitment funnel and keep track of your Candidate Promotor Score. Also benchmark your recruitment performance internally, in your industry and across the world.

Decrease churn in your pre- and onboarding.

69% of companies that invest in employee onboarding report that new hires quicker become included in the corporate culture and reduce employee turnover. Get real-time data and feedback from your new hires to understand and improve your pre- and onboarding experience. Also benchmark your onboarding performance internally, in your industry and across the world.

Backed by an amazing team of candidate experience specialists.

Our finest job is to make you a success! Enjoy your own dedicated candidate experience specialist, personal onboarding, video tutorials, and more 🏆

We got what it takes

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Fully customizable

Fully automated

Reporting & analytics

and much much more!

What our customers say 💬

Lidiya Nadych-Patrenko
Head of Global Talent Attraction at JTI
"Talenthub now allows us at JTI to measure and compare our recruitment processes and structures."
Michael Stopps
Senior Director for Global Talent Acquisition at Delivery Hero
"Our company was completely data-driven... except for recruitment. Talenthub was what we needed to align our recruitment process to the way the rest of the business is run."


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