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Control your candidate experience with everything from analytics, data collection, reporting and user management within one platform.
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Candidate NPS score

Get an NPS score on your Candidate, Onboarding and hiring manager or recruiter experience

Global and industry benchmark

Compare your scores to global benchmarks or compare to other organizations operating in the same industry as you

Qualitative data insights

Combine your scores with qualitative data and learn why candidates and new hires are happy or dissatisfied

Best practice ways to analyse data

Our tool support new users with best practice dashboard and filters that will help you gain great insights

Custom dashboards

Users can create custom dashboards for personal use and they can share dashboards with team members

Custom filters

We can get information from your ATS into talenthub. We can help you filter scores based on recruiter, department, job, hiring manager, location and much more

Heat maps

Heatmap views that allow you to identify low/high performing business units and managers

Hiring Manager & recruiter satisfaction

Measure the experience across all stakeholders involved in the hiring process

Custom questions and surveys

Create your own customized questions and surveys that match your set-up

Best practice surveys

Best practice surveys and questions tested by companies and job seekers worldwide

Surveys that match your brand

Customize survey flow to match your brand colors

Response rate insights

Get a quick overview of your average completion rates in all stages

Support surveys in +25 languages

Our surveys support +25 languages from around the world

Measure the entire candidate journey

Send out surveys on all stages of the candidate journey. Track the journey from the moment a candidate visits your career page and throughout all the way through their onboarding

Automate data collection

Automate data collection. No more manual tasks, automate data collection with talenthub and spend your time analysing results

Integration to ATS

Our platform easily integrates with your ATS, making sure that all events, triggers and data is aligned within both platforms, making it easier to automate and collect data.

Email reports

Send out weekly, monthly or quarterly email reports to keep track of your performance

High response rates

Talenthub offer the highest response rates on the market! Get more data and better insights.

Multi brand set up

Have several brands use the same account with multi organization set up

Advanced user permissions

Configure your team the right way, make sure that users can only access feedback relevant for them and their team workspace

Multiple user roles

Various user levels with access to different functionalities and features

API integration

Get your talenthub data into other BI tools like Tableau and PowerBI with the talenthub API

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