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  • Collect feedback from
    all stages of the recruitment process
  • Insights, Metrics & Answers in one Dashboard.
  • Benchmark your scores in Industry and globally
  • Best in class survey builder, based on best practices within recruitment
  • Personal Candidate Experience Specialist
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of all candidates are rejected


are negative afterwards


would stop purchasing your product or service

Get better hires and brand ambassadors with improved Candidate Experience

They succeed with great candidate experience

We help companies all over the world to measure and improve their recruitment efforts, being able to attract the right talent, and align on their processes. See their stories here.

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Get feedback from
your candidates

Collect anonymous feedback from your candidates and use the feedback to analyze and optimize your Candidate Experience. We gather data throughout your entire recruitment process:

After interviews
Job posts
Rejection emails
Receipt emails

Start analyzing and improving

All the Insights, Metrics & Answers in one Dashboard.
Our dashboard will be your favorite recruitment cockpit.

Let's build a candidate centric culture

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Empower your candidate journey and your team's efficiency with data and feedback from candidates. Analyze & optimize the Candidate Experience.

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Hiring Manager &
Recruiter survey

Identify  gaps in the collaboration between recruiters and hiring manager. Collect feedback from all stakeholders in a well-proven framework.

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Pre- & Onboarding

Understand your onboarding experience with feedback collected from your new hires before they start and during the first period of employment.

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Learning portal

Set your candidates up for success by providing them with the right materials and guidance during the hiring process. Ready-to-go branded learning center.

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Integrate with your ATS

Connect Talenthub with your favorite Applicant Tracking system, so you can automate workflows and align data

We help transform candidates into
ambassadors all around the world

Candidates through
our platform
Candidate replies
each month
Countries around
the world
1 min
Between each reply
on our platform

Stop wasting time, start improving your recruitment experience.

Get better with data and feedback from your candidates.
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Benchmark candidate promotor score
Candidate feedback
Industry benchmark candidates
Candidate comments
Candidate feedback

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