2 logos of the merged companies: Talenthub and Starred.

We care about candidate centric recruitment.

In fact, we’re building a company on it.

At Talenthub, we develop solutions aimed at optimizing recruitment processes. As a team, we motivate each other to innovate and grow. As a company, we work hard to spread the word of candidate-centric recruitment.

We recently merged with a fellow Candidate Experience Analytics provider, Starred. Together, we are building the candidate-centric platform of the future.


Make hiring work for talents and companies through candidate centricity.


Be the world’s best hub for talents and companies.


Making the experience of getting a new job enjoyable for talents & companies.

About Talenthub

Talenthub was established in 2017 by Daniel Birkholm, as a spin-off of Denmark's biggest recruitment marketing agency. From the beginning, Talenthub’s mission has been to create the world’s best recruitment hub and improve the hiring experience for both candidates and companies.

Today, Talenthub x Starred have merged to become a leading platform for candidate-centric recruitment, offering a suite of products that help candidates land their dream job, as well as providing advanced Candidate Experience analytics and insights for companies who aim to attract the world’s best talent.

Merging with Starred

In many ways, Talenthub and Starred are a natural fit. We’re both committed to the same goals, we share a similar culture, and our teams and visions are highly complementary. Starred has continuously impressed us over the years, and we’re confident that our merger will help us revolutionize both Candidate Experience and recruitment in the coming years. By combining our strengths we believe that we can defy the odds and make 1 + 1 = 5.

Our values

Building a better future

One for all, all for one
Candidate centricity
Apply yourself
There’s a better way

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Join a team of creators, builders and innovators with a passion for candidate centric-recruitment.