Take direct control of your Employer Brand

Decide what your candidates see and how they experience the process, limiting the amount of detractors. Use the Candidate Portal to build a Company Page that showcases your EVP, and answer any questions before they can be asked.

An Employer Branding specialist drawing up the plans for a good EVP. There are screenshots of the Talenthub Candidate Portal around her: the company overview page and the "My Process Overview".

Protect Your Revenue with a Strong Employer Brand

Actively Shape
Your Employer Brand
Increase Quality of Hire
and Employee Motivation
Decrease Revenue Loss
from Unhappy Candidates

“Entering new markets where candidates will be the first ones to interact with Deliveroo as a company and as a brand, it's extremely important to build a good reputation from the beginning.”

Antonis Athanasiades
Global Team Lead in Tech Recruitment at Deliveroo

Actively Shape
Your Employer Brand

75% of candidates consider Employer Brand before applying. Use the Candidate Portal to define your look and feel, showcase company values and create a great first impression.

A screenshot of the "My Company" page on the Talenthub Candidate Portal.
A photo of two colleagues fist bumping in celebration. Around them, there are screenshots showing an increased Quality of Hire and an Employee Motivation Distribution graph.

Increase Quality of Hire and Employee Motivation

Companies that invest in Employer Branding report a 3x increase in Quality of Hire. Create a process that gives candidates a sneak peek into what it's like to work for your company.

Reduce Revenue Loss
from Unhappy Candidates

Your candidates are your customers, and 50% of unhappy candidates say they would do business with you again. Let your Employer Brand sell for you and limit potential damages.

A photo of a smiling woman shaking hands with a recruiter. Around the photo, there is a screenshot of a 5-star Glassdoor review and a high Candidate Net Promoter Score.

Ready to elevate your
recruitment team?

Let us demonstrate how we can measure and improve your Candidate Experience and how easily it integrates with your ATS.