Reach your hiring goals by being on the same page

Improve Candidate Experience, use resources effectively, and reduce drop offs to regain control of the process. Achieve internal alignment and set expectations for all stakeholders.

A photo of a team working on reports and a screenshot of the Talenthub Hiring Manager and Recruiter Satisfaction dashboard.

Optimize Your Recruitment Operations
and Team Alignment

Reduce Drop-Offs and Get the Candidates You Want
Lower Cost-per-Hire and Do More with Less
Personalize Objectives
and Align the Team

“Since working with Talenthub, we have seen an impact in some of our key metrics, in particular decreasing our time-in-interview process by 30%. This is a huge achievement because speed is such a competitive advantage in the tech recruitment market.”

Ligita Kondrataviciute
Global Candidate Experience Manager at Deliveroo

Reduce Drop-Offs and Get Dream Candidates

We found that you are 32% more likely to fill a role if you decrease drop-offs by prioritizing great Candidate Experience in your recruitment process.

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Two graphs. 1 showing average candidate drop-off rates per stage (22% at application, 24% at screening, 25% at interview and 9% at offer) versus average drop-off rates per stage with Talenthub (15% at application, 15% at screening, 10% at interview, 5% at offer).
A photo of two people shaking hands at an office and a screenshot of a graph showing a decrease in Cost Per Hire.

Lower Cost-per-Hire and Do More with Less

The average cost per hire is €4,000, and it only gets more expensive the less efficient your process is. Optimize your Hiring Experience and leverage the Candidate Portal to delight candidates and secure your first choice, lowering wasted budget and improving your operational metrics.

Personalize Objectives and Align the Team

Effortlessly inform the team on your Candidate Experience performance through automated data reports. Set and track personalized objectives with custom user dashboards, segments and visualizations.

A photo of a team of colleagues discussing. Around them, there are screenshots of Hiring Manager performance across different departments and per survey question.

Ready to elevate your
recruitment team?

Let us demonstrate how we can measure and improve your Candidate Experience and how easily it integrates with your ATS.