Attract and retain
top talent

Broaden your talent pool, encourage reapplications, and lower the risk of costly new-hire churn with tailored candidate-centric solutions.

A smiling woman applying for jobs on a tablet. Screenshots of a long list of candidates applying (+43) and an increasing Candidate Promoter Score.

Always Attract Your Dream Candidates

Grow and Maintain
a Healthy Talent Pool
Encourage an Increase
in Re-Applications
Lower New-Hire Churn by
Increasing Engagement

"It’s no secret that we are competing for talent in a market where the competition is really fierce. So really, focusing on improving our Candidate Experience, understanding what’s really important, we can really establish Deliveroo as the employer of choice long term."

Ligita Kondrataviciute
Global Candidate Experience Manager at Deliveroo

Grow and Maintain a Healthy Talent Pool

66% of candidates say that an excellent Candidate Experience raises their chances of referring others. Increase your qualified talent funnel by putting the candidates at the center.

A diagram showcasing a thriving Talent Pool with candidates referring others to apply.
Diagrams showing re-application rates: 22% of detractors would re-apply, 64% of passives would re-apply and 95% of promoters would re-apply.

Encourage an Increase
in Re-Applications

A rejection doesn't have to be the end. Increase the amount of re-applying candidates by up to 20% by providing them with an unforgettable Candidate Experience.

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Increase Engagement to Lower New-Hire Churn

Replacing a newly hired employee can cost from 1.5x to 2x of their annual salary. Collect feedback early to quickly evaluate if the job fits the expectations set during the hiring process. Catch potential misalignments and collect feedback on your onboarding structure to increase new hire retention.

A photo of a happy all-female team celebrating with screenshots of Onboarding survey questions, such as "Did your manager have a sufficient onboarding plan ready for you?", "Do you feel that it was the right choice to accept this job?" and "What information would you have liked to receive from us before you started?"

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