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We help companies all over the world to measure and improve their recruitment efforts, attract the right talent, and align their processes.

“Since working with Talenthub, we have seen an impact in some of our key metrics, in particular decreasing our time-in-interview process by 30%. This is a huge achievement because speed is such a competitive advantage in the tech recruitment market.”

Ligita Kondrataviciute

Global Candidate Experience Manager at Deliveroo

“Entering new markets where candidates will be the first ones to interact with Deliveroo as a company and as a brand, it's extremely important to build a good reputation from the beginning.”

Antonis Athanasiades

Global Team Lead in Tech Recruitment at Deliveroo

"Getting so much valuable feedback from the candidates, enables us to learn where we can improve and give an even better Candidate Experience."

Lene May Nielsen

Head of Global Recruitment Operations at Unity

"Naturally, it's impossible to hire all candidates but having Talenthub Academy where they can continue to develop skills, prepare for their next job applications and pick up interview skills is a fantastic way to support them in their journey to find a new job."

Paul Marsh

Head of Talent Acquisition at Omio

“I think job interviews in general are a stressful situation for many people. If we can avoid them feeling stressed at the interview by being more prepared when they have watched our preparation videos, I think we have a win-win situation.”

Camilla Ölander

Global Employer Branding Manager at JYSK

“Since working with Talenthub, we’ve been analyzing all of the data collected from candidates and reading all of their comments. By doing this, we’ve increased our cNPS score by 56%.”

Samantha Riley

Recruitment Coordinator at Deliveroo

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