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Key takeaway from this testimonial:

  • Demant sought to embrace a data mindset to become a better business partner and understand the quality of their recruitment process.
  • Partnering with Talenthub enabled Demant to gain unparalleled insight into the entire candidate experience, from the careers page to contract signing.
  • Demant discovered the importance of communication in the recruitment process, including consistent communication and a more candidate-oriented personal style.
  • Demant values creating a great candidate experience and seeks to implement a data-driven approach to recruitment across the company.

Demant seeks to create life-changing hearing technology to support those with hearing loss. The company has become a global leader in the hearing healthcare industry, where today they have 18,000 staff worldwide, and its products sold in 130 countries.

Embrace the data to improve the recruitment process

Demant's HR department sought to embrace a data mindset. For Niklas Boserup, a Talent Acquisition Consultant at Demant, data could enable HR to become a better business partner.

Demant's sought to learn how good they were at hiring and understand what delivered quality in their recruitment process.

When they decided to explore candidate experience and their applicants' opinions of their hiring journey, Demant turned to Talenthub for answers.

Unparalleled insight into the recruitment process

Partnering with Talenthub enabled Demant to chart the entirety of their candidate's experience from the careers page to the signing of the contract.

Through this, Demant gathered data from a selection of touchpoints throughout the recruitment and onboarding process. The data and feedback obtained enabled Demant to measure the individual's experience, highlight their successes and benchmark data against other companies to identify improvement areas.

Communication the key to every successful relationship

Demant's findings made them think about how they communicate with candidates.

Demant discovered that candidates desired more consistent communication during the recruitment process. So, to answer applicants' questions, they embedded a video into the emails they sent out at the start of the process, explaining the hiring journey and ensuring realistic expectations.

Moreover, Demant also saw the value in improving their email interactions with candidates during their recruitment journey. As a result, they decided to rewrite their communications to deliver a more candidate-oriented personal style instead of a generic template to maintain interest among candidates.

Creating a twenty-first-century recruitment experience

For Nicholas, he has seen a change in his role. Previously he considered himself a gatekeeper to the company, selecting and rejecting candidates. But now, through the collaboration with Talenthub, he is aware of the need to build better connections with all candidates through communication and engagement.

Demant understands the value of creating a great candidate experience. As Demant seeks to implement a data-driven approach to recruitment across the company, the progress they make and the learnings they embrace will significantly affect their candidates' perceptions.


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