Turn rejections into a revolving door

Invite candidates to stay in your talent pool by keeping them engaged through Talenthub Academy and safeguard your Employer Brand.

A series of screenshots showing the journey from a rejection into the Talenthub Academy. 1: Rejection email with a link to Academy, 2: Learning Center with helpful videos and articles, 3: AI Interview Practice, allowing job seekers for any job they're applying for.
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and promote your Employer Brand, even when candidates are rejected


candidates in their future job search by providing opportunities to upskill


valuable talent by keeping them engaged and leave a lasting impression

Live Up to Your Employer Brand Even After a Rejection

Keep Qualified Talent Engaged

Every recruitment process brings a series of rejections and only one hire. Yet, the people you reject, could also be the perfect fit for future positions. Keep them engaged and encourage re-applications with Talenthub Academy

Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Rejections are never easy and how you handle them can have huge implications for your Employer Brand. By offering candidates support in finding their next opportunity, your reputation is protected.

Succeed with Candidate Experience

By implementing the Talenthub Academy as part of your candidates' journey, you are ensuring great Candidate Experience even after they exit the process.

"Naturally, it's impossible to hire all candidates but having Talenthub Academy where they can continue to develop skills, prepare for their next job applications and pick up interview skills is a fantastic way to support them in their journey to find a new job."

Paul Marsh
Head of Talent Acquisition at Omio

A Hassle-Free Addition to
Your Recruitment Process

Access to Expert
Learning Materials
General AI-Powered Interview Practice
Continuous Talent
Pool Engagement
Invite Candidates Through Your Surveys

Access to Expert Learning Materials

Give candidates a chance to develop their skills: from videos on interview tips and case study presentations to expert articles on ways to improve assessment performance. All pre-populated by our in-house recruitment professionals, ready for your candidates to dive in.

A screenshot of a couple of materials in the Talenthub Academy Learning Center, e.g. "Preparing for the Case Interview", "How to Deliver Your Case Presentation", "How to Avoid Getting Nervous During the Case Interview".
A screenshot of the general AI Interview Practice in the Talenthub Academy.

General AI-Powered Interview Practice

Enable candidates to generate a list of interview questions and practice their answers based on any job description, regardless of the company they're applying for. Arm them with fully automated feedback and suggestions to improve their answers.

Continuous Talent Pool Engagement

Make sure you stay on your rejected candidates' minds by keeping them engaged and eager to re-apply when a relevant position appears in the future.

A screenshot showcasing a rejected candidate going into the Talenthub Academy and exploring the Learning Center and AI Interview Practice to increase engagement.
A screenshot of a candidate rejection email inviting them to access Talenthub Academy. The title says: "Let's make your next move a great experience!"

Invite Candidates Through Your Surveys

Implementing the Talenthub Academy in your hiring flow is free and convenient. Simply invite candidates to sign up when they click "submit" on one of your Candidate Experience surveys.

Ready to elevate your
recruitment team?

Let us demonstrate how we can measure and improve your Candidate Experience and how easily it integrates with your ATS.