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Key takeaway from this testimonial:

  • Delivery Hero turned to Talenthub to structure and evaluate their recruitment process by analyzing member feedback.
  • Structured data gives Delivery Hero clear insights into the recruitment process and allows for specific feedback from rejected candidates.
  • Meaningful and relevant data is now just a click away for Delivery Hero recruiters and managers.
  • Talenthub's approach treats candidates as clients and contributes to fostering a candidate experience culture within all Delivery Hero companies.
  • Talenthub works so well that Delivery Hero also uses their onboarding program for new hires, covering the entire candidate journey.

"Our company was completely data-driven... except for recruitment. Talenthub was what we needed to align our recruitment process to the way the rest of the business is run."
Michael Stopps
Senior Director for Global Talent Acquisition at Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero came to Talenthub for expert feedback analysis

Delivery Hero had done their homework. They knew candidate experience was important, and they were looking to take steps to improve their recruitment process. But they just had one problem: they had no efficient tool to analyze all the member feedback they collected.

For Delivery Hero, Talenthub’s platform was the perfect way to structure and evaluate the recruitment process. It was a way to get numbers, benchmarks, or targets that are easy to monitor. With Delivery Hero’s massive growth, organizing recruitment data is critical when there are always several positions open.

Michael Stopps, Senior Director for Global Talent Acquisition at Delivery Hero, shares the benefits of working with Talenthub: "Delivery Hero collects more relevant data than ever before, our company was completely data-driven... except for recruitment. Talenthub was what we needed to align our recruitment process to the way the rest of the business is run.”

Important decisions should be backed by facts and data, especially for a tech company like Delivery Hero. Michael says it should also be for recruitment. “Working with Talenthub gives us the ability to gather feedback, scores, ideas, and general input we can use to improve our candidate experience. It also lets us see it from a different perspective.” Ultimately, the candidates are the ones who know the most about the recruitment experience.

Structured data gives clear insights into the recruitment process

“We live in a feedback-giving society,” Michael points out, so collecting data is not the hardest. But putting it together to make it logical and usable? That’s a whole other story.
Delivery Hero was collecting data before working with Talenthub but they didn’t know what to do with it. Now, Talenthub does what Delivery Hero couldn’t do: it gathers and analyses candidate feedback in a meaningful way, showing it on a dashboard.

Michael added that being able to structure data also means being able to ask for specific feedback. As candidates who get rejected after an interview have had many touchpoints with Delivery Hero, it’s natural to ask them for feedback. They are more likely to provide useful insights and can comment on more interactions with the hiring company.

Delivery Hero actually used results from their surveys to plan a 3h workshop on rejection. They covered topics ranging from the kind of language to use and the type of information to give, to how long after the decision the rejection should be communicated. That workshop helped Delivery Hero redefine their rejection strategy and cater more to candidates. Clear data makes it easier to get management buy-in.

Talenthub presents the data in a way that makes it easy to back decisions with the metrics available. Michael mentions the dashboard and the search function as other ways to get a quick sense of the situation or find correlations.
It’s also easy to find elements that need improvement. This is handy for planning meetings or workshops with recruiters. Michael’s recruiting team meets every month and can go over the previous month’s data to discuss elements that need improvement.

Meaningful and relevant data is just a click away

To improve candidate experience, listening to candidates is key. That’s exactly what Delivery Hero is doing. With over 40 recruiters working hard to fill new positions, they receive many applications… and plenty of feedback.
That feedback provides useful insights, ideas, and experiences. They give an outside perspective. That’s what Delivery Hero wants to make the recruitment journey more efficient and enjoyable for the candidate and the recruitment team. That could also eventually attract better talent.

Talenthub’s approach also sees Delivery Hero’s candidates as clients. After all, this whole process of providing ways to improve candidate experience is meant for the applicants. The end result is a process that treats candidates better and with more integrity. This is especially relevant now with COVID-19 bringing widespread uncertainty to the job market.

Delivery Hero is creating a candidate experience culture

Delivery Hero recently added their other brand, Talabat, on Talenthub, which allows them to benchmark internally. That can contribute to fostering a candidate experience culture within all Delivery Hero companies, ultimately benefiting all applicants as well as the brand.

Recruiters and managers also have access to the platform and can view their feedback. This makes it easy to identify any shortcomings that require improvement or to target surveys to ask candidates about specific elements of the recruitment process that might benefit from feedback.

Talenthub works so well for the recruitment process that Delivery Hero also uses their onboarding program for new hires. The collaboration now covers the entire candidate journey from the moment the candidate visits the career page to the moment they are rejected or start working for the company.


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