Candidate Net Promoter Score 101

Tune into our webinar and learn everything you need to know about the Candidate Net Promoter Score (cNPS).

Our speaker and Candidate Experience Expert, Nicolas Kirk, discusses questions like:

  • What is a cNPS and how is it different from a CPS (Candidate Promoter Score)?
  • How do you measure it?
  • What are the benefits of keeping track of your company’s cNPS?

In addition to setting the stage for the cNPS, we go through the latest data linking the score to return on investment cases, such as increasing hiring efficiency, expanding your talent pool or impacting your business’ commercial revenue. Nicolas closes the webinar with a report of Talenthub’s latest CPS and cNPS benchmark data globally and per industry, all based on thousands of candidates going through our platform every day.

If you’re on the fence about implementing a CPS or cNPS as one of recruitment KPIs, this webinar will guide you towards a decision.

Articles mentioned in the video:

  • How does Candidate Experience impact hiring efficiency? Download our one-pager.
  • Read about how Virgin Media saved $5.4M/year by prioritizing Candidate Experience.  
  • “80–90% of candidates admit that positive or negative Candidate Experience can change their minds about a role or company.” Source: Morgan McKinley.
  • “When considering that over half of candidates (including 58% in North America and 58% In EMEA) would share a negative candidate experience with family and friends – and a third would share their experiences online (32% North America, 31% EMEA) – the potential for lost revenue does not just extend to a disgruntled candidate alone.” Source: RTS People.
  • Read more about the Great Resentment.

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